A Prayer to celebrate the Feast of Mater

Yesterday, Sacred Heart communities celebrated the Feast of Mater Admirabilis, Mother Most Admirable. To her, we turn in prayer knowing that she is guiding us to peace, serenity, hope and joy through her Son, Jesus. Here is a prayer that strikes me as timely and timelesimagesOUYL1NJJs:

Prayer to Mater – Marie-Therese de Lescure, rscj (Ninth Superior General Society of the Sacred Heart)

Under the pressure of over activity which at times consumes us, disturbs us, or scatters our energies in doing what is visible and accidental, let us come to our “Mater”. She is the Mother of the Invisible, and the Mother of the Essential.

Let us ask her to detach us, to free us from all that is not important, to lead us on, and fix our gaze upon the Invisible which her own eyes look upon: the Invisible Presence, the Invisible Life; the Invisible Action: the Invisible Love, all those things which are eternal values in us and the great realities of faith.

May she keep us throughout our busy and over-crowded days in the radiance of things that are not seen and firm as if we beheld them Invisible. In the midst of non-essentials which invite and often distract us, we run the risk of encumbering our beings and confusing our values. May She give us the right understanding of the Essential and a hunger for it.

One thing alone is necessary — the will of God and the work of His love. May Mater give us the singleness of vision so that we, too, may see the Invisible and Essential in all.

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