With These Rings…

My Sacred Heart ring has gone with me on the journey of my life. When I think of it’s journey on the occasion of this Ring Mass, I realize that the story of this ring tells my story. It has packed and it has moved in its special little case that I received when I bought it to every place that I have lived in my life.

Whether on my finger, in my top drawer, or on a shelf in my room, this ring has accompanied me as a symbol of who I am, a symbol of what I believe, and as a symbol of what I value in life. As a Sacred Heart girl, a Sacred Heart ring identifies you to others who will recognize it on your finger when you wear it, and, especially to those who you will meet who wear one very similar to it from other schools of the Sacred Heart all over the globe.

20When we, as graduates of the Rosary, and, now, for you, as Juniors and as Seniors who are soon to graduate, wear this ring, we become connected as women of the Sacred Heart. Our ring is a powerful symbol of this relationship between us, and our wearing of the ring tells our story—the story that we are part of a very special group of graduates, that we are part of a very special group of women in the world, and that we are part of a very special mission to make a positive difference in the world wherever we go.

With that special connection between us, comes special relationships for a lifetime–old and new friends that you will meet, and, yes, with this ring also comes a special responsibility.Our Sacred Heart ring means something—it means you try to act in a moral and ethical way, in a way that is reflective of Jesus’s Sacred Heart in all that you do.

I know that this is really why I have kept my ring all these years—not because it is a great looking school ring, but because, of its meaning. I put it on my finger very deliberately on occasion as a reminder of God’s sacred trust in me to live the values of His heart, and to share with others His heart of love, His heart of forgiveness, His heart of kindness, and His heart of compassion for the suffering of others. That is why the hearts on this ring turn outward into the world. I know that looking down at my ring sometimes, it serves as a gentle reminder to me try to live this way.

So, now Juniors, accept these rings: wear them with integrity, and Seniors, may these rings go with you on the journey of your life to connect you to God and to others in a special way. I pray in a special way that for all of you that these rings may bind you together forever to the true values of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. God bless each one of you.

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