Strengthening our Community

Last Monday, we celebrated the Patronal Feast of the Rosary. On October 2, 1887, the first Mass was celebrated to place our school under the special patronage of Mary and to officially establish the campus on St. Charles Avenue. That event took place 130 years ago!

Sr. Louise Callen, RSCJ, Ph.D., notes in her history of the event, “…the first children of the Rosary were registered on the following day – just nine in number, but truly a grain of mustard seed which has produced a magnificent tree.”

Sr. Callen’s observation could not be truer.

Like many of you, I experience a deep sense of sadness for the wounded and fragile condition of our world. Morning comes, and I awake with joy for a new day, especially on a day when we celebrate God’s fidelity to our mission in this place. With the news of the day, we awaken to the plight of so many people in our world who are seeking shelter from storms and safety in times of violence. With tensions and tragic conflicts between people, our hearts break open with the knowledge of our human condition and our need for God.

These are times that call us to our knees. As people of faith and of prayer, I ask you to join with your children and to be with them in prayer – perhaps, by praying the Rosary. In my home, my family of ten children prayed the Rosary together every Monday night after dinner. This was more than simple crowd management by my parents! The Holy Family teaches us that through prayer, together we come closer to one another and to God. Being in prayer opens us to God’s spirit of comfort, consolation, and peace.

As a school community, I believe that our bond will continue to be strengthened in the knowledge that we are united – strong in our faith and confident in the knowledge of God’s imminent presence in the world. With the Church who offers the prayer of the Rosary during the month of October and under the patronage of Mary, I invite you to this meditation on its mysteries. In this way, we “water our roots” and continue to give life to our “magnificent tree.”

Naturally, some of the events of this time are troubling to children – perhaps, confusing to all. Our school counselors have developed some resources to share with you. These are not prescriptions, only helpful sources for your possible use. Please feel free to call your daughter’s Division Counselor for additional assistance or any questions you may have.

Let’s continue to draw from the deep source of God’s love and wisdom. It will continue to sustain us for the next 130 years as a community of the Sacred Heart!

Note to readers: This letter was written to the school community on the occasion of its “patronal feast,” and after the tragic massacre in Las Vegas.

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