If it could talk….

My Sacred Heart ring tells the story of my life.

If it could talk, it could tell you of the places it has been all over the world, the hands it has touched, and of the homes it has entered.

If it could talk, it could tell you of the times it has been held up high in excitement, of the times it has covered my face while thinking, or of many times that it has crossed with my other hand in a prayer.

This ring has travelled in the same little box that I received it in many years ago at a Mass held in this very chapel.

With my Sacred Heart ring, I announce and pronounce something on every step of my journey while wearing it. I announce that I am a graduate of our Sacred Heart school in New Orleans, and I pronounce something about my values, my beliefs and my deepest commitments.

I do not wear this ring every day now, because it has been replaced by the ring that I now wear as a Religious of the Sacred Heart. But, both rings on my two hands have an important meaning for me.

Both are reminders to myself and to others of what really matters to me and of what is really important to me in life.

This evening, my ring reminds me of my best friend from this school who Is still my best friend, and who has survived cancer. It reminds me of the Headmistress of this school when I was in the Upper School–an RSCJ who is now one of my closest friends and confidants.  It reminds me of my parents who bought my ring for me, and of my other five sisters who wear one of these rings, too.

I know that this is why I have kept my ring all these years—not because it is a great looking school ring, but because of its meaning.

 Now, I put it on my finger very deliberatively on occasion as a reminder of God’s sacred trust in me to live the values of His heart, and to share with others His heart of love, His heart of forgiveness, His heart of kindness, and His heart of compassion for the suffering of others. That is why the hearts on this ring are turned outward into the world.

Looking down at my ring during the day, it gently reminds me to live this way in all the things that I do in life.

So, now Juniors, accept these rings: wear them with integrity. Seniors, may these rings go with you on the journey of your life to connect you to God and to others in a special way.

I pray in a special way for all of you: that these rings bind you to the true values of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. May God bless each one of you on the journey in life.

Note: The talk was presented on the occasion of the Junior-Senior Ring Mass at the Rosary.

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